Not toys - prototypes in miniatureOur goal at National Hobby Innovations (NHI) is simple - enhance the enjoyment of collecting and operating model trains. Whether you are a sometime collector, a basement empire builder, or simply like to see the train 'highballing' around the Christmas tree in winter, you are welcome here.

As we celebrate the relocation to our new corporate campus in Huntington, Indiana, we are expanding our reach to more families. Although our primary layout building and detailing services will continue to be available by referral only, our overstock and car shops eStore is now open to the public.

NHI is also introducing our new service of estate and collection sales. This will help us match the best products with the highest payers. Our collector-clients get the quality merchandise they seek, and you get the best-possible price for your items. The rest will be liquidated to the highest bidder through conventional online auctions and periodic train shows.

It is important to note that National Hobby Innovations is not a brick-and-mortar retail store. While we do have a substantial inventory, it is categorized and boxed for easy disposition when sold or enveloped into a new project. There is no convenient opportunity for you to browse our inventory in person. All sales are handled in our online eStore or face-to-face in our warehouse and offices, by appointment only.


NATIONALHI, INC. 6439 N CLEAR CREEK RD, HUNTINGTON, IN 46750      Tel. (260) 224-6161